iPads are Really Exciting for Toddlers Too!

2 Aug

I was fortunate enough to be given an iPad a few months ago. I have used it for all sorts of personal and professional tasks and this blog will document some of these as I begin to formulate a plan for using this marvellous educational tool in the classroom with my students and at home for personal tasks when I can get it back from my kids!


Free Apps for toddlers around 30 months

The app that I downloaded for free was the first one that my two and a half-year old student used. In GoodieWords There are three games to play, one involving making shapes (star, face and flower) by touching a series of fingerprints that glow on the screen. He loved completing the shape and repeating the name of the shape. The second game in this app involves creating music using the rainbow as a xylophone or keyboard – by following the oral directions and moving the sun towards the rainbow, wiping away the raindrops the rainbow appears and acts as a keyboard for little fingers to ‘strum’ or run their fingers over to make a ripple of music which is delightful and yields ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’. The other game that is included in the free version that I downloaded is game designed to improve balance by building an ice cream and then moving the iPad to stop the scoops of ice cream from toppling. My student hasn’t figured out how to move the iPad but loves building the ice cream scoops and watching them fall – rather like stacking blocks but more inviting! The best thing about this app is that is quite comprehensive and therefore was not explored fully for quite a few sessions. It appears that there are more ‘packs’ to be downloaded, but I assume a fee is involved but haven’t pursued them yet as he seems quite happy with the free downloads I have for him at the moment.

The second app that my student spends a lot of time playing involves touching a number in the left hand menu bar. When he touches the number a window opens with animals and the number displayed. A sound byte that plays  automatically announcing the name of the animal as the window opens and when he touches the animal it plays the noise that the animal makes. There is also an outline of the number which can be traced with a little finger. The great part of this game is that two can play. I trace over the number with my finger and he can do it too. Then he can change the colour of the number from blue to red, to green and yellow. The colour of the number is also stated as the colour changes. The free version only goes up to nine, but there are more numbers available at an additional cost.

More sites to visit about iPad apps for toddlers

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If you have any apps for toddlers that you think are great (for free) or worth purchasing please share them and I will use them with my students and let you know what they think. If you can upload an image and/or link of the app that would be a great help too – the more information the better – Thanks, I look forward to reading your comments and following your links


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